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  We the EcoMuseum are a public organization in Karaganda

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logo ecomuseum
Ecomuseum was established in 1995 and registered
as a public association in the Karaganda Administration
of Justice 15 May 1997.
Our Mission: Collection and dissemination of environmental and ecological information about Central Kazakhstan and to enhance the role of the public in solving urgent environmental problems as well as the further development of the democratic processes in society.
 Objectives of EcoMuseum:
• Increase the environmental awareness of the public and government agencies.
• Involve the population and the state in active conservation work.
• Develop cooperation between the state and the public in order to address environmental issues and sustainable development of Kazakhstan.
• Explore critical environmental problems, by collecting information and conducting environmental studies (radiological studies on the effects of nuclear testing and studies of river pollution).
• Introduce environmentally efficient technologies (construction of biogas plants).

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In brief

 апреля РГП «Казгидромет» приняло новое оборудование от Программы развития ООН в Казахстане, предназначенное для моделирования и прогнозирования климатических изменений.
Новое оборудование позволит с максимальной точностью рассчитать сценарий ожидаемого изменения климата, а также построить карты рисков для различных секторов, среди которых метеорология, агрометеорология, гидрология, экология.